People with disabilities experience serious barriers in accessing services, including health, education, employment, and transport as well as information; these challenges are exacerbated in more disadvantaged areas.

Through disability equality trainings, EASY INCLUSION S.R.L. aims to remove the barriers people with disabilities face by changing how the public thinks and behaves with regards to disability. In addition to changing mindset, EASY INCLUSION S.R.L. aims to facilitate action change in mainstream society, particularly in businesses, by providing disability inclusion strategy consulting to companies to employ, empower, and enhance their businesses with persons with disabilities.

It is EASY INCLUSION S.R.L. hope that businesses in Romania will realize the capabilities of persons with disabilities, and see the economic and social values of inclusion. In the meantime, persons with disabilities can better fulfill their rights and entitlements to participate in the society. Eventually, EASY INCLUSION S.R.L. Hopes to build a more inclusive and accessible society that benefits everyone, with or without disabilities.

Casual businessman in wheelchair working at his desk with colleague in the office

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